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Virtual Astronomy Night Wednesday, May 20 – Postponed

Image of Solar System

Due to the flood conditions, tonight’s planned astronomy event is postponed. We hope your families stay safe and healthy during this difficult time.  Did you know that brilliant Venus will soon disappear from its finest evening appearance in eight years? Or that you can now see all five naked-eye planets in a single night? Are you aware that the planets don’t move…

Astronomy DAY – Observe the Transit of Mercury Nov. 11

Image of Mercury Transit from 2016 - dots in path across sun

This unique occurrence will not happen again until 2049!

Family Stargazing Night

Image of a crescent moon

Did you know the last week of March and first week of April hold the best opportunity to view the planet of Mercury for all of 2017? Come to this event so you don’t miss it! The young crescent moon will be in the sky that night and those in attendance will also learn where to find Mercury and Mars–both by eye…