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Instrument Rates

Effective January 2022

List of InstrumentsHourly Rate for MSU Investigators and Non-Profit OrganizationsHourly Rate for For Profit, Fee For Service Work *
FTIR-Nicolet iS50 (with Seagull)$17.00$110.00
Glove box$5.00 (daily)N/A
Impact tester – Izod with cutter$13.00$55.00
Gardener Impact tester$13.00$25.00
Press-PHI 20 ton$13.00$30.00
Rheometer – TA Instruments ARES G2$70.00$110.00
Rheometer – Brookfield$22.00$110.00
Thermal Analyzer – DSC TA Instruments Q20$17.00$110.00
Tensile testing – MTS Insight 5; 2 load cells and 3 extensometers$30.00$110.00
2 Roll Mill with heater (compounding)$17.00$110.00
Haake Rheocord 90 with twin screw
extruder and 50 cc Brabender
Wiley Mill$17.00$55.00
NMR – Bruker 300$70.00$110.00
Chemical Hood$6.00$12.00
GC Agilent 7890B$70.00$100.00
3-D printing services (In-house only)0**$5.00
Optical Microscope0**$10.00
*Exclusive of personnel costs and consumables. ** STEM, students, educational users.
Note: Safety training required for all external users.