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Professional Development

MSU St. Andrews provides various opportunities for teachers to explore new areas of STEAM, which can then be applied in their classroom. Special workshops on specific topics can be developed on request. Workshops are posted in the events calendar and the MSU ST. Andrews Facebook page.

3D Printing

Beginner and advanced level workshops on 3D printing are held throughout the academic year. Open labs are also available to teachers who have completed workshops previously and would like more time to explore or work on a specific project. Watch our calendar for dates.

Teachers are introduced to three-dimensional concepts, computer-aided design software, and 3D printing capabilities. These activities support materials science and other STEAM-related ideas, allowing teachers to integrate 3D printing into their curriculum. Both introductory and advanced courses are available. Workshops are posted in the events calendar and the MSU ST. Andrews Facebook page.

DNA Workshops

DNA Fingerprint

This workshop will introduce STEM teachers to a hands-on DNA activity that can be incorporated into their classroom curriculum. The workshop will simulate human forensic testing, and participants will take DNA from a hypothetical crime scene and match it with the DNA of five potential “suspects”. The DNA used in this workshop is from a commercially available kit. Participants will learn how to use restriction enzymes to cut DNA, and gel electrophoresis to separate the resulting DNA fragments by size, thereby generating a DNA fingerprint.

DNA Plants

This full-day workshop will introduce STEM teachers to several DNA activities that they can incorporate into their classrooms. Participants will explore genetic diversity in plants by comparing the DNA fingerprints of a variety of common herbs and vegetables. Teachers will learn several basic molecular biology techniques, including isolating DNA from plant tissue, amplifying DNA using polymerase chain reaction (PCR), setting up DNA restriction digestions, and separating DNA fragments based on size using gel electrophoresis.

Photosynthesis Workshops

This hands-on workshop will provide teachers with an overview of photosynthesis. Through both discussion and lab work, participants will study the effect of light on photosynthesis, and compare the rates of photosynthesis for plants in different light conditions. Workshop participants will receive student lab protocols, teacher instruction manuals, and a list of the materials needed to perform the laboratory exercise in their classrooms.

Finding Funding

MSU staff conduct teacher workshops on how to find funding for classroom STEAM projects. Teachers are introduced to several current funding opportunities, while also learning how to conduct a funding search. Additionally, MSU grant writers provide tips and best practices on how to begin the grant proposal process and write a compelling proposal. Visit the events calendar for future workshop dates.

Tours and Meeting Space

MSU St. Andrews welcomes teachers, administrators, and other school staff for tours of the facility, with focus on the wet and dry laboratory spaces, and Makerspace room with 3D printing equipment.

St. Andrews also has meeting spaces available including conference rooms, video conferencing, and a 100-seat auditorium.

Contact us to schedule a tour or event for your group.