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Robotics Resources

MSU St. Andrews offers a number of resources to support youth robotics enthusiasts in the Midland region to provide hands-on opportunities to learn STEAM concepts.

Robotics Competition Field

MSU St. Andrews is pleased to sponsor a new robotics field to serve the Midland region. Located within Midland Public Schools’ former Carpenter Elementary, this new space encompasses a full gym and houses a permanent competition FRC field, which will be dedicated solely to robotics. Rookie robot drivers will have the opportunity to experience a real driver’s station and practice on a full field with carpet and sidewalls. The field is currently under construction, but once complete, demos and open house events will be announced.

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machine

Close up view of CNC machine drillA new, Tormach multi-function CNC machine is coming soon and will be located at MSU St. Andrews. This machine will allow mentored robotics competitors to fabricate their own parts on site. The facility already offers 3D printing and design software in order to permit competitors to create prototypes before using the CNC equipment.

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Robotics and 3D Printing Equipment Available for Loan

Please contact Dr. Tracy Zhang at MSU St. Andrews via email or call 989-374-9909 if your group would like to borrow any of the equipment below:

  • VEX Launch Robot Design Kit (SuperKit)
  • VEX IQ Competition Field
  • VEX VIQC Crossover
  • VEX Smart Radios
  • VEX Competition Add-on Kit
  • VEX POE Kit
  • VEX DE Kit
  • Robotic 30-seat license
  • VEX Gateway Robotics Kit
  • Comprehensive Hand Tools and Rolling Cart
  • Hand Tools in Maintenance Bag
  • FlashForge 2-headed 3D Printers