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The staff at St. Andrews consists of embedded researchers and experienced administrators, all working together to provide programs and experiences around STEM education.

With backgrounds in chemistry, materials science and more, our staff members are conducting research to solve real-world problems and passing on their knowledge to those participating in various St. Andrews’ experiences.


Portrait photo of Robert Bubeck PhD

Dr. Robert Bubeck

Portrait photo of Adina Dumitrascu

Dr. Adina Dumitrascu

Portrait photo of John Furcean

John Furcean

Daniel Henton

Dr. Daniel Henton

Profile photo of John Hull, PhD

Dr. John Hull

Jack Kruper

Dr. Jack Kruper

Portrait, Edmund Stark

Dr. Edmund Stark

Profile of Troy Terwilliger

Troy Terwillegar

Profile photo of PJ Thomas

Dr. P.J. Thomas

Allison VanDriessche

Allison Vandriessche

Portrait of Tracy Zhang

Dr. Tracy Zhang