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Family Astronomy Night, Wednesday, October 6, 2021 at 7 PM EST – VIRTUAL EVENT

Image of Andromeda Galaxy

Please check back soon for a recording of this presentation!

Deep-Sky Objects: Marvels Of The Night

Did you know that there are many objects you can see in the night sky that are neither stars nor planets? Were you aware that many clusters or clouds of glowing deep-space gas can be seen with your unaided eye, and dozens more are visible with simple binoculars? Have you heard that some deep-sky objects are so large and bright that we can see them even though they are thousands of light-years away, up to halfway across the galaxy? And that there are even other galaxies that we can see with our unaided eye? And what are the planets and constellations doing in our skies in October? Join us by Zoom to learn more!