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Moon, Saturn Viewed During July Stargazing Event

Researcher explains astronomy lesson with moon photo in background

Families took advantage of an excellent opportunity to view both the moon and Saturn during the Stargazing event on July 5, 2017.

The moon was in a gibbous phase with many craters visible, as well as most of the lunar “seas.” Saturn, while more difficult to see, was also visible via telescope. A special camera was attached to one telescope and allowed for photos to be broadcast remotely onto a large wall monitor inside the building. The lesson then continued indoors with greater explanation, and provided a reprieve from the uninvited mosquitoes.

Researcher, Edmund Stark, was the facilitator for the evening. Stark has hosted previous events, each focusing on the bright stars, moon or planets available for viewing during that specific time period.

The next event will be planned for August, and will focus on the upcoming solar eclipse. Watch for details on the event calendar or the MSU St. Andrews Facebook page. More event photos are available on Facebook as well.

Families outdoors using telescopes

Attendees work with the telescopes at dusk.


Students and families gather with telescopes just before dark.







Photo of Saturn

Photo of Saturn captured through a telescope.