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Portrait photo of James Russell McConnell

James McConnell, Ph.D.

James Russell “Russ” McConnell, Ph.D.

Dr. McConnell graduated from Gannon University (Erie, Pennsylvania) in 1980 with a major in chemistry and minor in biology. Doctoral work was completed at the Ohio State University in 1984 in the discipline of organic chemistry. In the fall of 1984, he began work at the Dow Chemical Company, retiring in 2019 with over 34 ½ years of work experience. Work at Dow covered a range of research projects and activities including:

  • Carbon-14 radiolabeled synthesis
  • Chemical modification of fatty acids and triglycerides
  • Synthesis of Starburst polymers
  • Carbon decolorization of fermentation derived antibiotics
  • Chloromethylation of aromatics
  • Development of high temperature Swern’s oxidation
  • Chemical modification of polystyrene gels
  • Start-up and supervision of early stage pharmaceutical facility
  • Supervision of oligonucleotide solid-phase synthesis lab
  • Conducted design of experiments (DOE) for optimization of numerous processes
  • Process development and launch support for IsoclastTM Active
  • Technical support and optimization of agricultural chemical production
  • Technology transfer to third party manufacturing sites

Dr. McConnell began working as a consultant for Michigan State University St. Andrews in March of 2019.