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Family Astronomy Night

Typically, astronomy night is held in-person at the MSU St. Andrews building in Midland. Events include family-oriented activities and stargazing through various telescopes. We will return to hosting our in-person events as soon as possible. We are excited to continue to deliver fun and engaging astronomy night events to you via Zoom for this fall season.

Monthly virtual presentations include finding the planets and other cool things currently in the night sky. We will also keep you updated on what is happening in space and technology. Time is allowed during each of our live (virtual) events to answer questions from participants. Each presentation offers, upon request, printable sky charts, and other materials for your home use.

Please see the information below for upcoming events and recordings of past virtual Family Astronomy Night presentations.

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How the Universe Was Discovered in the Constellations of Fall

Did you know that in just a few weeks, Jupiter and Saturn will appear closer together in the sky than at any time since the year 1623? Have you noticed that there are star clusters and even some galaxies in the sky right now that you can see with your unaided eye? Have you heard that the best meteor shower of the…

Our Amazing Moon: More Complicated Than You Would Expect!

Our Amazing Moon:  More Complicated Than You Would Expect! Did you know that the Moon is responsible for how our calendars look? Do you know what a “supermoon” is? (Or Hunter’s Moon? Or a Blue Moon?) Can you see the man in the Moon? (Or the woman? Or the bunny?) Are you able to tell time using the Moon’s phases and position?…

Family Astronomy Night, Tuesday, October 20 at 7 PM – VIRTUAL EVENT

Image of 2001 Mars Odyssey

Mars from Space: What Robotic Spacecraft Have Discovered About The Red Planet. Zoom Join Link: https://msu.zoom.us/j/93902393137 Password: MSU Did you know that Mars boasts the tallest mountain in the solar system, and the largest volcano as well—even though the “red planet” is barely half the size of Earth? Have you heard that Mars also has the longest canyon in the solar system—ten…

Mars: Humanity’s Favorite Planet

Did you know that this October, Mars will be closer to Earth than it will be for any time in the next 15 years? Have you noticed that Mars has increased in brightness all year, and is now about forty times brighter than a year ago? Are you aware that Earth has had more missions to Mars fail than to all other…

Comets! and the Planets in September

Did you see Comet NEOWISE as it flew by the Earth over the past few months? Did you notice that it seemed to be flying “backward” as it passed the Big Dipper? Have you been watching Jupiter and Saturn moving side-by-side through Sagittarius in the evening skies? Did you know that Mars is nearing its closest Earth approach when it will be…