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Jupiter: King of the Planets

May 10, 2023 @ 7:00 pm EDT

Jupiter, taken by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope

Did you know that Jupiter’s magnetic field is the largest thing in our solar system? How do we know that? Have you heard that the most common form of matter on Jupiter has never really been seen on Earth? Why do scientists think that? Are you aware that Jupiter emits more energy than it receives? Or that there is a spacecraft currently orbiting Jupiter right now, examining some of these very things? Why is studying Jupiter fundamentally different than studying Mars or Mercury or the Moon? Join me and the MSU-St. Andrews STEM Center by Zoom to learn more!

Adults and families with school-age and older children are invited to join us virtually at MSU-Midland for a presentation focused on the planet Jupiter. We will begin with a quick summary of some Jupiter basics: its size, orbit, moons, rings, cloud bands, and the famous great red spot. Then, we will explore some of the amazing things that more recent research has revealed. We will illustrate, using beautiful modern images, how Jupiter has changed just over the past few decades, with bands and spots appearing, disappearing, and combining before our eyes—plus lightning, aurorae, and other phenomena. We will examine Jupiter’s energy balance and its massive magnetic field. Finally, we will take a deeper look at Jupiter—literally—by trying to understand what lies below the cloud-tops. And, as always, we will offer evidence for why scientists believe these things, using what we know about the Earth to help us understand Jupiter, and telling the story of how our understanding of this giant planet came about.

Plus, we will talk about what’s up in the sky this month. Have you seen brilliant Venus totally dominating the evening sky, along with Mars? Have you noticed Jupiter re-joining Saturn in the morning? Are you ready to say goodbye to Orion and the great Winter Hexagon, and to welcome the spring constellations of Leo, Virgo, and mighty Hydra? We will show you how to find all these things (and more) for yourself.

Register now to receive the Zoom login. You may register at anytime including after the start of the presentation.

Time allowed for live Q & A throughout the event. ASL Interpretation featured during the event.

Image credit: https://www.nasa.gov/feature/goddard/2020/hubble-captures-crisp-new-portrait-of-jupiters-storms


May 10, 2023
7:00 pm EDT
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