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Reincarnating Plastics

Image of plastic materials

Michigan State Team Earns $2 Million Grant To Reduce Plastic Waste “Waste not, want not” was planted firmly in John Dorgan’s ethos as a kid, watching his father pull nails out of old boards for reuse. In that spirit, Dorgan and a team of Michigan State University researchers are pursuing the “upcycling” of commonly disposed plastics such as grocery bags into higher…

STEAM Summer Camp Offers Virtual Learning Activities for Kids

Image of STEAM Stew Camper learns about rocks and minerals during virtual summer camp.

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit Michigan, it became clear that many summer camps were at risk of cancellation. Organizers of the annual STEAM Stew camp held at MSU St. Andrews were determined to continue the program online.  In past years, the multi-day camp hosted area middle school students and included field trips and a variety of hands-on activities.    With the move…