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2020 Summer Research Fellowship Instructions


Congratulations on your acceptance to the virtual summer research fellowship program scheduled for June 22 through July 31. We look forward to working with you this summer. Please read this page carefully for items that need your attention right away.

Complete Your 2020 Summer Research Registration

As a member of this summer’s research fellowship program, there are a few steps you will need to take now to ensure that you have access to the online learning (D2L Learning Management System) at MSU and that you receive your fellowship compensation on time. Please follow the steps below to complete your registration.

Step 1: Create your MSU Guest Account (Community ID)
Creating your MSU Community ID will give you access to the online Desire to Learn (D2L) System at MSU during the virtual Summer 2020 Research Fellowship. When creating your ID, you are registering your personal email address to use as your login/ID. Make sure to use an email address that you check often, and will not expire this summer and please note you will be asked to enter this email in the Technology Survey in Step 2 below. If you have questions regarding setting up your Community ID, please visit Instructions for setting up your Community ID.

Step 2: Complete the Research Fellowship Computer Technology Survey. Please do this step ASAP!

Step 3:   Print and complete the forms listed below and mail them to the MSU St. Andrews address listed in Step 4.

(Please note some forms may require a parent/guardian signature if you are under 18 years of age – also note that all forms must have original signatures ( non-electronic) and be sent via the US Postal Service – please do not email forms).

IRS W-9 Form This form will be used to process your stipend payments. Please complete page 1 only: Lines 1, 5, 6, and Part 1 SSN, then sign and date this form. Note that the parent/guardian must sign below the student’s signature if under 18 years of age. Your checks will be mailed during week two and week six to the address you list on this form.

Media Release Form

Youth Program Background Check (CBC) Authorization Form All students who are currently 18 years old, or will turn 18 years old during the program, must complete this form. Please make sure to mail this form, along with the others to MSU St. Andrews.

Step 4: Please mail all forms (due June 12) to:

MSU St. Andrews
2020 Summer Research Fellowship
1910 W. St. Andrews
Midland, MI 48640

Step 5. Please read the parent and participant handbook for virtual programs for information on policies and procedures, as well as during and after-hour contact information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find the guidelines and policies for the use of technology resources, systems & data at MSU? Please follow this link to review the: Acceptable Use Policy for MSU Information Technology Resources.

Do I need to create a Community ID if I already have an MSU Net ID? Yes, please create a community ID using your personal email (non-MSU) for full online access to the non-credit 2020 summer research fellowship at MSU St. Andrews.

May I switch to a different topic than the one for which I was invited?
Program staff members have done their best to provide almost all students with invitations for topics for which the student indicated high interest. Individual mentors may be petitioned by students wishing to join their groups beginning Saturday, June 20, by which time the program should have received acceptances and declinations from all students invited. Based on experience in previous years, program staff predicts that very few topic changes will occur.

Will we ever come to the building? Based on the summer youth program directive set forth by Michigan State University due to COVID-19, and the recent flooding in Midland, our summer program will remain entirely virtual for Summer 2020.

Besides the online survey and completion of paperwork, do I need to do anything else? For most students, the survey and paperwork will suffice. However, work on some topic areas may result in additional permission slips; 3D printing is one example. Please watch your email for pre-program updates and important information throughout the six-week program. We expect to have an online orientation the week before the program begins.

How often will I be online? Fellows will be expected to participate in project activity for an average of six hours daily. The duration of online work is likely to vary over the six week period from June 22 through July 31. Depending upon a student’s project topic, video conferencing is likely to average between two and four hours per day, with a higher duration near the beginning and end of the program. Daily work hours will be determined by your research lead, and will typically take place only during business hours (no evenings or weekends).

Can I miss any days?  Absent illness or a family emergency, fellowship students are expected to commit to missing no more than one week (or five total days) of the program due to other obligations. Please email your research lead if you will absent or have a planned event that will prohibit you from attending a program session.

How much and when will I be compensated? Students will receive a total fellowship stipend of $2,250 in two equal payments of $1,125. Stipend checks will be mailed to your home address during week 2 and week 6. To receive the full compensation, you are expected to participate in the program for the agreed-upon time frames. Please be aware that absences beyond the five-day allowance may reduce your stipend.

Do we work on July 4? There will be no program activity on Friday, July 3 during the Independence Day holiday weekend.

Since I’m participating from home, do I need anything besides a computer and internet access? Students working on most program topics will not need anything else. Exceptions will arise in areas such as 3-D printing. Standard safety equipment needed for completing project work at home will be provided.

Will there be a special closing event for the program?
Michigan State University leadership made the decision that there will be no in-person activity in any MSU summer program during 2020 due to COVID-19. In lieu of the community events at program close held in previous years, alternatives – including publications and recorded presentations – are under active consideration by
MSU St. Andrews faculty. More information will be provided as soon as possible.

If you have any additional questions please contact Clare Light at lightcla@msu.edu.