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Dr. James McConnell

Portrait photo of James Russell McConnell

James Russell “Russ” McConnell, Ph.D. Dr. McConnell graduated from Gannon University (Erie, Pennsylvania) in 1980 with a major in chemistry and minor in biology. Doctoral work was completed at the Ohio State University in 1984 in the discipline of organic chemistry. In the fall of 1984, he began work at the Dow Chemical Company, retiring in 2019 with over 34 ½ years…

Dr. Patrick Smith

Portrait photo of Patrick Smith

Patrick B. Smith, MSU St. Andrews faculty, served the Dow Chemical Company for 32 years, rising to the rank of Fellow before his retirement in 2007. His areas of research included the synthesis, structure/property relationships and applications of bio-based materials, polymer characterization and NMR spectroscopy. He also worked with Cargill Dow Polymers, which launched the IngeoTM PLA line of products. At Cargill Dow,…

Dr. Edmund Stark

Portrait, Edmund Stark

Edmund Stark, MSU St. Andrews faculty, is currently researching methods to protect honey bees from harmful mites through hyperbranched polymer systems offering timed release of miticides. He is also responsible for oxazoline polymerizations and polyimide synthesis for gene transfection, and also leads MSU’s local Astronomy and Telescope Nights. Prior to joining Michigan State University, he was responsible for research and development of novel…

Troy Terwillegar

Profile of Troy Terwilliger

Troy Terwillegar has served as the building curator at MSU St. Andrews since 2015. Previously, he was the building manager when the facility was home to the Michigan Molecular Institute (MMI). Terwillegar oversees all aspects of building maintenance and remodeling, and is also responsible for the equipment at MSU St. Andrews. Troy is an experienced project manager, mechanic, craftsman, and entrepreneur. He…

Dr. Tracy Zhang

Portrait of Tracy Zhang

Phone (989) 374-9909 Tracy Zhang, MSU St. Andrews faculty, and outreach specialist, conducted polymeric materials research at the Michigan Molecular Institute in Midland, Mich., for more than 10 years before joining Michigan State University. Her current role involves promoting STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education to K-12 students and conducting research in the development of biosourced hyperbranched poly(ester)s for the controlled release…