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John Furcean

John Furcean is an Outreach Specialist in the Office of Research and Innovation at the East Lansing campus of Michigan State University. Furcean provides IT infrastructure planning and support, as well as software engineering and web development for the office and its sub units, which includes MSU St. Andrews.

Furcean has worked for MSU for ten years. He began working for the university while earning his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering. During this time, he was a teaching assistant for the introduction to programming course (CSE 231) as well as provided IT support for the office. He recently completed his master’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering.

John has been instrumental in planning and outfitting the technology being used at MSU St. Andrews including the network infrastructure, personal computing devices, video conference equipment, and more.

His expertise in programming and software development led him to teaching and has been the lead preceptor for the programming fellowship since 2017. For 2020, he will oversee 32 students participating in the programming fellowship.