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Adina Dan, Ph.D.

Adina Dan, Ph.D., a faculty member at MSU St. Andrews, was a senior research associate at the Michigan Molecular Institute in Midland, Mich., prior to joining Michigan State University. There she worked on the synthesis, characterization, and testing of hyperbranched polyesters for coating applications and designed routes to convert bio-based furanics into aromatic compounds.

She has worked extensively in academic settings, including Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, Mich., Gh. Asachi Technical University of Iasi, Romania, and the Queen’s University of Kingston, Ontario, Canada. She also served as a research associate for the National Health and Medical Research Council, INSERM U-484, in Clermont-Ferrand, France.

Currently, she is working on the synthesis and characterization of carbazole and phenothiazine derivatives with applications in energy storage devices (e.g. Lithium Ion Batteries and Organic Redox Flow Batteries).

Dan, who earned her doctorate specializing in medicinal chemistry at Gh. Asachi Technical University of Iasi, Romania, has published in several academic journals.

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