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Dr. Robert Bubeck

Portrait photo of Robert Bubeck PhD

Dr. Robert A. Bubeck is currently a Research Assistant Professor at Michigan State University with over 45 years of experience in industrial research and development. Research areas include the development of new liquid crystalline polymers, semi-crystalline polymers, thermosets, hyperbranched polymers, and dendrimers. He has broad-based expertise in the areas of structure/property fundamentals, mechanical behavior, composites, polymer blends, rheology, fiber spinning, 3D additive…

Deborah Cull

Portrait photo of Deborah Cull

Deborah (Deb) Cull holds a degree in Professional and Technical Writing from Saginaw Valley State University (Cum Laude). This is her third year leading the summer writing program at MSU. As a consultant and freelance writer, Deb serves nonprofit organizations like Creative 360 and Affordable Legal Care in Midland. In her role as marketing director for Creative 360, she has responsibility for…

Dr. Adina Dan

Portrait photo of Adina Dumitrascu

Adina Dan, a faculty member at MSU St. Andrews, was a senior research associate at the Michigan Molecular Institute in Midland, Mich., prior to joining Michigan State University. There she worked on the synthesis, characterization, and testing of hyperbranched polyesters for coating applications and designed routes to convert bio-based furanics into aromatic compounds. She has worked extensively in academic settings, including Central Michigan…

John Furcean

Portrait photo of John Furcean

John Furcean is an outreach specialist in the Office of Research and Innovation at Michigan State University. Furcean is an experience software engineer skilled in requirements gathering, system analysis, software development, database design, systems administration, and IT management. Furcean was instrumental in starting the summer computer programming fellowship at MSU St. Andrews and has been the lead preceptor for it since 2017….

Dr. Daniel Henton

Daniel Henton

Daniel Henton, faculty at MSU St. Andrews, conducted research at the Michigan Molecular Institute before joining Michigan State University in 2015. Previous to that, he served the Dow Chemical Company for more than 34 years, conducting research within several business units, including pharmaceuticals, manufacturing services, and core research and development. Currently, his research is focused on homogeneous, heterogeneous, and enzymatic catalysis, such…

Lori Hudson

Lori Hudson

Loraine (“Lori”) Hudson, senior specialist, received her bachelor’s degree in english from Michigan State University and served in several key administrative roles at MSU, before joining the Office of the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies in 2001. During her service to MSU, she has served as a director of Virtual University, Libraries, Computing & Technology, the Office of Intellectual Property,…

Dr. John Hull

Profile photo of John Hull, PhD

John W. Hull, Jr., Ph.D., joined the faculty at MSU St. Andrews in 2017, working on applied catalysis and process optimization projects in bio-renewables. His past research has focused on organic/organometallic synthesis and the development of commercial manufacturing processes. Hull is a native of Duluth, MN. He graduated from the University of Minnesota Duluth with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, doing undergraduate…

Dr. Katharine Hunt

Portrait of Katharine Hunt

Dr. Katharine Hunt is a University Distinguished Professor in the Department of Chemistry at Michigan State University. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Michigan State University, she went on to study Theoretical Chemistry at the University of Cambridge, earning her Ph.D. in 1975. Dr. Hunt then completed a National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Massachusetts Institute of…

Dr. Paul Hunt

Paul Hunt

Paul Hunt, professor in the Department of Chemistry and senior vice president of Research and Graduate Studies at Michigan State University, joined the faculty in 1979, after a National Science Foundation National Needs Postdoctoral Fellowship at Harvard University. His research has focused on chemical scattering theory and non-equilibrium thermodynamics. In 1985, he began his administrative role at Michigan State University in information…

Dr. Jack Kruper

Jack Kruper

William J. (Jack) Kruper, faculty member at MSU St. Andrews, retired as a Dow Corporate Fellow in 2015. Throughout his 33-year career at Dow, he was involved with Dow’s Renewable Feedstocks Research Program, leading discovery and development efforts in glycerin to epichlorohydrin (GTE), glycerin to propylene glycol, and a portfolio of new projects. His leadership in the flame retardant program with Dow Building…