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How to See Comet NEOWISE Before It Disappears

Image of Comet NEOWISE north of the MBS International Airport in Freeland, Michigan

Did you know that a really special comet has just entered the evening sky? NEOWISE had been approaching the sun in the morning sky over the past month. It has just emerged from behind the sun (closest approach on July 3) and has now entered evening skies for residents of the northern hemisphere. It will reach its closest point to Earth during…

MSU Chemical Engineer Developing Styrene-free Bio-Renewable Resins At MSU St. Andrews

Image of The Bambhania family is Spartan green: Harleen, 4, Harshal (MS, '11), Ashleen, 1, and Deboleena Chakraborty (PhD, '10).

Research at Michigan State University is developing new styrene-free bio-renewable resins with broad applicability in the construction of countertops, bathroom fixtures, windmill blades, and boats. Some of the experimentation is taking place at MSU St. Andrews in Midland. The research is from the team of John Dorgan, the Lamp endowed chair and professor of chemical engineering and materials science. Dorgan’s third-year graduate…

Project Spotlight: Planet Search

Evening landscape featuring stars in the sky

Among the 11 summer research projects being offered for 2020, several are new including Planet Search. Led by Dr. Edmund Stark, student fellows will utilize satellite images to search for a postulated “planet 9” beyond the Kuiper belt, potentially discovering brown dwarfs, asteroids, or other objects during the search. To facilitate the work, students will receive an introduction to orbital mechanics and…

Summer Research Program Kicks Off

Imiage of several 3D printed items

115 student fellows are participating virtually in the six-week program.