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Local Students Complete Summer Internships

Group of students in lab coats

Front, from left, Dachuan Yan, Dow; Naoki Kihata, Dow; Daniel Zhang, Dow; Kaylie Barton, Dow; Ris Agrwal, Great Lakes Bay Early College; Ashley Hammond, Bullock Creek; Kaitlin Gandy, Midland Middle, from left, Mia Pardel, Midland; Serena Fleming-Dittenber, Midland; Ethan Bruce, Midland; Jessica Kline, Dow; Aaron Lehman, Lehman Academy; Collin Witt, Dow High; Jason Harnick, Bullock Creek; Emily Bennett, Bullock Creek; Hannah Bartels,…

Biodegradable Hyperbranched Polyesters

Two students in lab coats pose for photo

Team: Brandon Zhu & Daniel Zhang Mentor: Patrick Smith, PhD Research Overview: The efficacy of active ingredients is often inadequate due to poor targeting and limited lifetime of the active at the receptor site.  Designing smart delivery systems which are capable of controlled release of the actives is one route to increase utilization efficiency.  Dendritic polymers, which include dendrimers and hyperbranched polymers,…

Programming in ‘Python’ and Synthesizing Biodiesel to Achieve NMR Spectrum Results

Group of 10 students and their instructor

Team: Front L to R: Colin Witt, Dow HS; Derek Yan, Dow HS; Naoki Kihata, Dow HS; Mia Pardell, Midland HS; and Ashley Hammond, Bullock Creek HS. Back: Emily Bennett, Bullock Creek HS; Mitchell Hayes, Dow HS; Zachary O’Dell, Midland HS, Aaron Lehman, Lehman Academy;  and Robert Heyart, Dow HS. Mentor (back, far right): John Furcean, MS Students spent the first few…

Developing New Chemistries and Materials for Redox Flow Batteries

High School Interns at the MSU Midland Campus, 07.12.2017

Intern research participation makes an impact.

3D Printing and Humidity Sensor Projects

High School Interns at the MSU Midland Campus, 07.12.2017

Student researchers play key role.